business vacay you need.


13-16 February 2023

You need a holiday!


Between running your business and running around taking care of everyone else, you never get a break.


You also wish you could have some uninterrupted time focusing on your business instead of working in your business.

That’s why we’re going on a business vacay!

The kind where you can let go of the guilts, because this is all about helping you be the best version of you and setting up your business to scale big time (without spending more time on your business, in fact we’ll help you map out how to spend less).

Imagine 4 days/3 nights of time away from your everyday life, focusing on scaling your business in a beautiful location.

Now imagine doing that with a bunch of business besties where you can connect, laugh and have fun at the same time.


I’ve created an intimate all-inclusive retreat experience for a pretty amazing group of women. The kind that are here to lift one another up and generously share their talents and wisdom with one another.

Every part of this retreat has been curated around the theme of rejuvenation. A rejuvenated you and a rejuvenated plan of action to scale your business.

The goal is for you to leave feeling well rested and recharged but also excited and ready to scale your business to new heights.

What will we be doing?

Hello, amazing agenda!

Well we don’t want to give away all the secrets just yet, but to give you a gelato store sized taste tester of what’s to come…

On Monday we’ll kick off with arrivals at 4pm and on Thursday we’ll bid a fond farewell at 10am.

In between there will be:


Interactive workshops that will go deep in your business to look at it with a fresh perspective and help you see the potential to scale and help you create a plan to make it happen in an easeful way.


Work through challenges or opportunities within your business as a group in a safe space that enables you to get the clarity you need.


To create the space for you to relax and have fun. We know you are at your most productive and creative when you are in a rejuvenated state. This is a luxury retreat EXPERIENCE, so we want you making memories that will last a lifetime.


You won’t go hungry or thirsty as we have some pretty epic plans for yummy and healthy-ish meals both on-site and at local restaurants.


To create the space for you to relax and have fun. We know you are at your most productive and creative when you are in a rejuvenated state. This is a luxury retreat EXPERIENCE, so we want you making memories that will last a lifetime.


You won’t go hungry or thirsty as we have some pretty epic plans for yummy and healthy-ish meals both on-site and at local restaurants.


There will be (optional) opportunities to get your body moving, think relaxing beach walks to rejuvenate your body and soul.


For you to think, chat with others, work on your business, whatever you would like to do. The best parts of a mastermind or retreat experience are often on the couch after the day has ended when you’re having chats with other amazing women.

Where will we be staying?

Hello, dreamy accommodation

This beautiful beachfront home with ocean views is where we will be spending our days connecting with business besties, working on our businesses, having incredible experiences, relaxing and nourishing our bodies with delicious food and drinks.

Salt at Shoal Bay is a contemporary Australian beach house, providing luxury boutique accommodation located on the beachfront in Shoal Bay, Port Stephens just 2.5 hours drive North of Sydney or 30 minutes drive from Newcastle Airport.

You’ll wake up in the morning to the songbirds in the creaking gums, enjoy sundowners with the laughing kookaburras and fall asleep to the sound of the gentle waves in the bay.

We’ve chosen to have us all stay together under the same roof, not just so it can be like one big slumber party, but so we can leverage the beauty of connection.

There is plenty of space to relax and unwind or to work on your business as there are multiple living and outdoor areas.

And, it’s going to be incredible

What’s your investment?

I call it an investment, because I can say hands down that the BEST investment I have made in myself and my business in the last 3 years was attending 3 in-person retreats/events recently and I can tell you that these were 5 figure investments.

What’s included

Literally everything! It’s all inclusive…

All you need to do is get yourself to and from the venue and we’ll take care of everything else.

We do also highly recommend that you get travel insurance just in case anything happens that prevents you from attending, we want you to be covered.

Just show up, we’ll take care of the rest:

3 nights luxury accommodation (value ~$1,750)
All gourmet food and drink (value ~$750)
Amazing activities (value ~$750)
Photographer – because how can you not in that space? (value ~$500)
Interactive Business Workshops (~$5,000)
Coaching & Mentoring Deep Dives (~$5,000)
Masterminding (~$5,000)

But, we’re doing something completely cRaZy!

We’re doing this retreat at cost price.

You are paying what it is costing us to run this retreat, we are not taking a cent for our time or for the transformational workshops, masterminding or mentoring you’ll receive. That means you’ll get coaching, mentoring and support from both my husband Michael and I for at least 15 hours for FREE!


Because our goal isn’t to make money from this event, it’s purely just to bring us together. The last few years, we have been kept apart and we know that the best transformations happen in our business when we come together.

This is a small and intimate retreat because we want you to come away with lifelong friends and an individual plan of what to do to level up your life and your business.

There are some costs that are still being finalised, but if I have under-budgeted, I will reach into my own pocket to make up the difference and if I have over-budgeted I will donate any profits to One Girl, a charity we donate to that supports girls’ education in Sierra Leone and Uganda.

When you educate a girl, everything changes. Her health, status, income, and entire future changes for the better, and she’ll go on to educate her family and community.

The ripple effects are incredible – and best of all, everyone in her community will benefit. Kind of like the ripple effect we’re creating when we work with you!

So here’s the bottom line…

Your investment is $3,333

This is an early bird offer, only valid until Friday, 9th December 2022.

Transparently, this is to motivate you to say yes, and save me time, energy and money having to promote more broadly. After that the price will increase by 20% to $3,999.

So grab your business besties (or get ready to make some new ones), and say yes to the best time you’re going to have in a long time!

Hurry places are limiteD!

Introducing your hostess with the mostess

Hi, I’m Toni AKA The Scale Specialist 👋

I help women who help women, scale more and work less.

So do I have the experience it takes to help you scale more and work less? You decide for yourself…

My superpowers are scaling, strategy and simplicity. I’m epic at all things strategy, marketing and team. I give no fluff advice and will push you when you need it, but I will also be your biggest cheerleader and champion as we jump aboard the entrepreneurial roller coaster together.

Together with my husband Michael we have been business owners ourselves for over 15 years. We have had various wildly successful businesses over the years but I have found my true passion in helping other women scale their online businesses.

For the last 5+ years, I have helped hundreds of women scale their online businesses, so I don’t just have the experience of scaling my own businesses, but the benefit of seeing behind the scenes of many others so I have amazing insights into what works and what doesn’t.

Outside of the entrepreneurial world, I have significant experience in the corporate world, working in business strategy and human resources. For 15+ years I was in senior global leadership roles for multi-billion (yes, billion) dollar companies. I have seen how the big boys (yep, they were pretty much all boys) do business and can translate that for our clients. I still serve on the Board of two large organizations in Australia and get exposure to some of the best business minds on a daily basis.


Beyond experience you also get qualifications…
I am an ICF, CEC and BCC certified coach, certifications that take years and multiple assessments to achieve, not an online course that takes a couple of weeks.

I also hold a Bachelor of Business and a Master of Business Administration (MBA) where I graduated with the highest GPA of my graduating cohort and went on to study at Harvard. I studied Marketing, Human Resources and High Performance Leadership, hence that is where my strengths and passions align.

To ensure I am the best I can be, I have also worked with the best coaches and mentors in the world and have taken more online courses than I am prepared to admit to.

In fact I have invested over $1M in my personal and professional development, so you don’t have to.

And you get to access all of that knowledge and experience and use it in your own business.

If you’re still reading, you know you want to be there…

If you have questions DM Toni by clicking here.

If you’re wondering why you have to apply, it’s simple, we’re fussy about who we allow into this space and protective of our community and culture. If you’re a current member of The Scale Society or work with Toni 1:1 you’re going to be a definite yes, because we already know we love you and you’ve passed the BBQ test 😉. If we’re not already working together we need to make sure that you’re the right fit. *hint* if you’re kind, generous, positive and already have a successful online business that serves a community of women, you’re likely going to be a yes!